About the Art

I’d like my art to be a mirror of the viewer’s soul, in such a way that a viewer may see a reflective path from which they are, to where their truest self is thriving. I’d like for the work to be a gentle helping hand upward from a kneeling spirit, in order to revive the soul and the mind constraints limiting our vision. By our freest will, we may achieve greater peace and raise the frequency of inhabitants on this vibratory field of existence.

If you create art with the explicit intent of transcending thought and time awareness, you have the unrestricted potential to access and liberate chained insecurities fearful of exposure and presence.

You can’t help but be affected by a poignant creation.

Just as advertising is so cunningly transformative, it moves us mechanically to destinations of void with immense propensity, as we eternally relinquish self dignity, for the sought after illusory carrot of mirrored composition.

Our world has a shortage of liberating advertising, I’d like my work to represent an anti campaign on the advertisement of momentary gratification for a greater understanding and development of our true purpose.

About Me

I was given the name Keakahai, by a person appointed for name creation of the indigenous people of Hawaii. In short, it means a gentle offering; kind giving expressed with tenderness. I sign art with this name as an intention, I wish to fulfill.

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