USPTO Drawings

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These items as examples of USPTO formatted drawings for Visual Patent Illustration.

Visual Patent Illustration is a technical illustration service that specializes in high quality formal drawings for nonprovisional patent applications being submitted to the USPTO. VPI offers a wide variety of technical illustrations including software, mechanical, electrical, and bioengineering. The length of a project turnaround can be as short as 24 hours or even the same day. There are no additional fees for rushed projects or revisions. Please contact for Immediate Drawing Preparation.

  • Formal patent illustration figure files
  • USPTO formatted drawings under USPTO drawing requirements
  • Technical Drawings
  • Flow Charts & Diagrams
  • Trademark Drawings
  • Utility Patent Drawings
  • Design Patent Drawings
  • Replacement Drawings
  • PCT Drawings
  • Exploded Views & Cutaways
  • Figure Labeling & Annotations
  • Visual Graphics

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