Dine from a Lobotomized Mind; Phrenology’s Plate of Hors D’oeuvres

Print of Phrenology Original Art Drawing Lynsey Johnson Custom Ink

Being observant of your thought patterns while in conversation, insightfully reveal your darkest scars and allow you to

befriend somber sensitivities that lurkingly expose themselves in autopilot reactionary behaviors and reoccurring conflicts. 

Why be in pain? Why deflect sensitivity? Why not rely on yourself?

Practicing the absence of thoughts while deep breathing creates and strengthens new neuronal pathways like muscles, allowing you to be readily in control of your mind.

This is a drawing depicting the pain that is endured while discovering painful attributes that must be handled with care to achieve ultimate fulfillment. 

By our own will, we will achieve enlightenment.

This is a conceptual art piece, it is meant to invoke contemplation. The round circles above the back of the head is to represent the tug from the back top of the head like antennae to the stars while meditating.