Lamassu, Protect Us from Unconsciousness

Great Lamassu, Protect Us | Carved Painting on WoodOriginal for sale : $888.00

This series was inspired by the symbolism and vigor of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Eastern cultures that have centered their society, beliefs, structures and technology around the harmonic frequencies of healing and fundamental energy sources that united their resonance, of which have faded.

Within Eastern culture, the Lamassu has been a symbol of an all encompassing protector of the universe with a figure that is representative of the parent-stars, zodiac or constellations and all that is contained within it. The figure is a hybrid of a winged bull or lion with a human head.

At the entrance of cities, sculpted Lamassu were placed as a pair in colossal size, gazing towards one of the cardinal points. Lamassu were also engraved on clay tablets, and buried under the threshold of houses for protection and wellbeing.

This Lamassu was created for the purpose of bringing protection, love and wellbeing to any who view, while illuminating their soul.

Title: Lamassu, Protect Us
Demensions: 24″x24″
Medium: Mixed Media

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