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Featured Series: Imperishable Food for Thought by Keakahai. This series was inspired by writers and iconic figures who have given our society imperishable food for thought.

Michel Du Montaigne famous publication “Essais,” translated as attempts, explains his writing is not meant to educate, but to question and critique what we’ve been taught through our educational systems and how we’ve been bread to partake in society. His writings influenced Rene Descartes, William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, along with many other writers.

Essais, is just as prominent of a tool, if not more in our current culture. We are criticized for critiquing what has been proverbially written in stone within school text books. We live in a manufactured presence that considers it unlawful to step outside of the grid and question main stream publications. Discussing philosophical ideas, historical certainties, or fasting as medicine in passing conversion is frowned upon, while topics of sports teams and the programs we’ve been programed by, is reinforced. As teachers become threatened by codes laden with vocabulary sensitivity, philosophical discussions that should be taken place are severely hindered. 

We identify ourselves by what we watch and consume, instead of questioning the fundamental elements of our beliefs and why we need exterior stimuli to satiate us. Why are we accepting what is presented as fact? Why don’t we have the patience to imagine a new existence for our own ideals, and what will it take to get there? Why do we sign our lives over to corporations that keep us enslaved? Why is ownership and debt of a house something to be proud of or impressed by?

Taking a step into the resistance, is the only way we will achieve ultimate freedom. We will always be burdened by human sensory, but we have a will to filter and examine our external stimuli to help better our own vision. 

This artwork is made to help its viewers reflect upon the accumulation of insight this writer reveals. To be reminded of just one quote, may be a shame to his collection of mind.

Series: Imperishable Food for Thought
Title: Michel De Montaigne
Demensions: 17.75″ x 33″
Medium: Graphite + Ink on 100lb Bristol and Layered Paper
Year: 2018

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