Hallow Reality, What Appears Solid is an Illusion. Forget your Body, Soar Without Resistance.

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Featured Series:  Feral Grass by Keakahai, Remember Your Essence

We are all part of one universal mind. We operate as individuals, but as an illusion? To perceive our existences separately, in a way could be false. We interact with one unified field of existence known on a Quantum level. We are all made up of particles, just as the pixels of a video simulation. When we examine our reality, it pixelates into atoms. Just as dreams are apparent to be an illusion when we are “awake,” what then is this “reality”? What seems to be solid is more nothingness, than it is something. Then why is it that we interact with this illusion as if we weren’t able to manifest our own destiny? What is the use of feeling destitute, when we are able to perceive the very existence we have to be anything we can imagine? Why live the majority of time according to the laws of humanity? Why live the majority of our hours believing to be something that is a human? After all, what percentage of humanity is actually benefiting the earth from existing?

About the series Feral Grass:

As the world is expanding with inanimate objects and square patches of constructed greenery, our society grows further from our roots of innate existence. We are unaccustomed to something so basic as the growth and preparation of the food we so generously consume, and lack the knowledge and skills of our ancestors to cure our body through plant life.

Public education has become the fundamental understanding of our world and has replaced traditional knowledge of healing practices and techniques.

We allow large corporations to dictate our consumption, lifestyle, and perception of mind, while abandoning connection to source.

How much longer can we allow meaningless substances, screens and advertising to manufacture our free will?

This painting is  a representation of this hallow reality.

This artwork is made to help its viewers reflect upon the perceived world and it’s reflection internally and externally.

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