The Flame of the Pineal: A Body is a Womb for the Soul

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This series was inspired by the symbolism and vigor of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Eastern cultures that have centered their society, practices, beliefs, structures and technology around the harmonic frequencies of healing and fundamental energy sources that united their resonance, of which have faded.

Corpora arenacea is a medical term used for the calcification of the pineal gland and is often used as a point of reference on x-rays when calcified.

The pineal gland is situated outside of the blood brain barrier [1] and also in a region where the blood brain barrier is weak, hence the cells in this region require direct contact with the blood, [2] allowing the gland, unlike the brain to be easily permeated and calcified by toxins such as Fluoride, [3] Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Ammonium phosphate, and Magnesium phosphate. These items are additives in food, pesticides, public water, supplements, and chemicals used in the production of meat and milk.

The pineal gland is responsible for maintaining the production of female reproductive hormones, the production of melatonin, which is an antioxidant that regulates the body’s sleep cycle, creativity, and the ability to expand state of awareness through gamma wave production when activated during mediation. [4]

Ways to stimulate the pineal gland for proper hormone secretion and decalcification:
Sunlight – activates the pineal gland and increases its release of melatonin
Iodine –  removes and antagonizes halogens such as fluoride, bromide, and chloride via urine while increasing thyroid function
Raw Kelp and Dulse flakes – are a rich source of bioavailable Iodine
Magnesium – is essential for optimal cellular health. When there is an adequate amount of magnesium in the body, calcium is absorbed properly and any excess of calcium is eliminated with the aid of magnesium, before the calcium crystallizes which leads to calcification
Flaxseeds– are high in magnesium, having soaked flaxseeds with fruit, nuts and spices is an excellent pineal snack
Tamarind –  is an agent that helps detoxify the body from fluoride via urine
Meditation – focusing on the pineal gland via meditation can help stimulate the gland and its hormone production, while increasing memory, inducing euphoric states of being, decrease stress, and strengthen neuropathways like muscles for increased focus

Series: Optimal Frequencies
Title: The Flame of the Pineal: A Body is a Womb for the Soul
Demensions: 22″x30″
Medium: Gouache, Ink & Graphite on 140lb Hot Press Rag Watercolor Paper
Year: 2018


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