The Sacrifice; Consciousness of Time: An Eternal Wheel of Death and Resurrection

Featured Series: Optimal Frequencies

This series was inspired by the symbolism and vigor of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Eastern cultures that have centered their society, beliefs, structures and technology around the harmonic frequencies of healing and fundamental energy sources that united their resonance, of which have faded.

We are conscious in part because we have senses that tell us we are conscious. Because we have senses, they must be satiated in order for us to survive and not to feel pain. To practice prudence when rewarding our senses, be it thought or any physical pleasure that may temporarily appease us, gradually strengthens us to be free from sensory control.

To be completely free from this pain would usually be to die, but what if dying meant you were reincarnated on this earth until you became in control of your senses? A physical sensory domination vs. a soulful conscious control. What if the attachment to your senses, and dominion by your senses, kept you on this plane of existence?

Therefore, I’d like to suggest it may be wise to periodically become master of ones senses, in order to control the involantary placement of soul and mind.

This is a conceptual piece of art meant to invoke contemplation.

Throughout history the white bull has represented the eternal wheel of death and resurrection. This double headed bull is to exemplify this concept, and pose a critical question. The reason the bull is broken and not attached is to represent the cessation of pain, if detached from the consciousness of time.

Title: The Sacrifice; Consciousness of Time: An Eternal Wheel of Death and Resurrection
Demensions: 22″x30″
Medium: Gouache, Ink & Graphite on 140lb Hot Press Rag Watercolor Paper
Year: 2018
Price: $1,111.00
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